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Need Volunteers for your project?
Our Global Volunteer product for NGO's brings together international youth from around the world to work on social impact projects that contribute toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
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Make local impact through global volunteers
Bring a global perspective
Add a new edge by bringing in our volunteers who care about world issues, and bringing innovative solutions to your community.
Source global volunteers easily
Reduce your overhead and administration time as we help source talented volunteers from our global network.
Create a positive impact
Our local AIESEC members will assist in culturally inducting the volunteers as well as facilitating an enjoyable experience for them.

Get started with 4 steps

It takes only 4 steps to help you find volunteers for your project or organization.

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    Publish an opportunity

    Get free access to our platform and browse our international talent pool. Posting job offerings are easy and don’t cost you anything, you only pay once you accept a candidate for your opportunity.

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    Shortlist & Select

    Shortlist your applicants and contact suitable candidates for an interview through your dashboard. Bring your co-workers onboard and select the ideal candidate for your organization.

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    Visa and logistics

    AIESEC will facilitate the visa process, prepare the intern for the intercultural experience and take care of all needed logistics before and after arrival.

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    Volunteer’s support and development

    Together, we will provide spaces for your intern to reflect on their learnings and their personal development journey. Our goal is to contribute to their development whilst contributing to your business growth.

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Our Impact
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Electrolux Food Foundation, AIESEC, and Worldchefs announced that they commit to raising awareness about food waste by teaching 30,000 children on sustainable eating by 2019.

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Join our network and we can help you find your volunteers.
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Our Global Talent program helps companies fulfill their Human Resources needs with skilled youth ready to work in their field of expertise.
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Our Global Teacher program helps educational institutions or organizations fulfil their needs for teachers with skilled young people from all around the world.
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